WordPress Course

WordPress Course

WordPress Course

Become Certified WordPress Expert in 2 months.

Join Web Developers Academy and get Free Demo Class of WordPress Training. We provide a Professional WordPress Training to the learners all round the world, with Complete Practical and Live Training Session. Our faculty of WordPress Training is having 12 years of experience in WordPress Training.


Why Learn WordPress?

WordPress is the world’s most popular open source content management system. That’s a fancy of saying it allows you to build great websites.
About 30% of all websites are powered by WordPress. It generates thousands of job opportunities around the world, and there are millions of websites making money using WordPress.


Complete WordPress Training For Beginners:

WordPress Development is one of the most in-demand skill with increasing demand of online presence of small, medium and large sized-enterprises. Also, WordPress templates, WordPress blogs, and WordPress websites are heavenly used by users. Therefore, Web Developers Academy offers hands-on learning experience on WordPress development to reap its maximum potentials.

This course is designed especially for Beginners, Freelancers, and Graphic Designers; Who Don’t Want to Code.

The main goal of this course is to teach anyone, even a complete beginner, how to setup a complete WordPress website quickly and easily.

Learn how to confidently develop custom & profitable Responsive WordPress Themes and Websites with no prior experience.

We are sure you will be a WordPress Master after completion of this course and will be able to create a personal and business website from scratch including autoresponder.

You will start with WordPress building blocks and Installation and follow it with the theory of Content Management. You will then learn the major building blocks of the WordPress Admin Panel. The next unit will teach you about posts and pages. Plugin Management is the next unit which will teach you to add cool galleries and videos to your Business Website or Blog. You will also get to know about SEO and Meta tags. The last unit will be about themes which makes your website looks professional.



  • You should have a basic understanding of computers and software
  • A modern browser like Chrome, Safari, or Firefox
  • Internet access
  • You do not need any coding experience or programming knowledge
  • You can follow along with free themes, but we also show you how to use several premium themes – the typical cost is $60 per theme, if you choose to go that route
  • We will teach you how to work locally and online (no cost), but if you want to launch your site you will need to purchase a domain name and hosting


What you’ll learn:

  • Understand the Conceptual Framework of WordPress
  • Learn to Build WordPress Websites and Blogs from Scratch
  • Learn to edit and manage your WordPress Themes
  • You will learn how to download, install and configure WordPress plugins
  • Setup dynamic blog sections organized by category
  • Update and edit existing WordPress websites
  • Create a “Contact Us” page with interactive map and email form
  • Add custom header images
  • Integrate with social media
  • Understand what WordPress widgets are and how to use them
  • Apply basic SEO best practices to improve page rankings
  • Create custom menus and navigation systems that both visitors and search engines will find useful
  • Protect your WordPress website from hackers and spammers
  • Back up your WordPress website in case of emergency
  • Set up server and hosting environments in the most economical and secure way


Course Outline:

  • Introduction of WordPress
  • WordPress Installation and building blocks
  • WordPress with respect to content management
  • Blogging Introduction
  • wordpress.com and wordpress.org
  • Setup of local environment
  • Setup of Virtual Host
  • Login
  • Admin Interface
  • Brief overview of admin panel
  • Posts Creation
  • Different forms used in WordPress
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Overview of Meta tags
  • Overview of Portfolio Gallery
  • Overview of Video Gallery
  • How to allow Downloads from your site
  • How to Search, Download and Install WordPress themes
  • How to Search, Download and Install WordPress Plugins
  • WordPress Theme Customization
  • Update General Settings; privacy, time, user profile
  • Create & add a new logo
  • Set up Permalinks – the name of the page (URL)
  • Set up a static home page
  • Create a blog page to display all Posts
  • Create some generic pages – about us, contact us, google map
  • Add a basic Contact Form plugin
  • Delete pages
  • Create a Custom Menu
  • Place pages in order
  • Add sub pages
  • Blog
  • Add a post
  • Delete a post
  • Add a Hyperlink to some text
  • Add Widgets
  • Media
  • Upload images
  • Add Images to a post
  • Add Images to a page
  • Edit Images
  • Hyperlink to an image
  • WordPress Security plugin
  • Database backup plugin
  • Advanced Text editor plugin
  • Add a Google Map


Certificate of Completion:

All students who complete this course will receive a FREE ‘Certificate of WordPress Training’.


Training Program : 2 Months
Fee: Rs. 5,000/month
Fee for Home Tuition and Online Classes: Rs. 10,000/month