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In the modern and digital world, every business needs an online presence and websites are now the most important part of online business visibility. Every business needs a website and every website needs proper SEO. Every business has its type, goals, and plans but there is one common thing in any business and that is a professional website. A website is like a beautiful human body and SEO is like its oxygen. SEO is a crucial aspect of any website`s online visibility. It’s a bunch of practices that search engines like Google advise to their users. By performing these practices search engines start ranking the web pages of those websites on their desired keywords.

SEO Services From Web Developers Academy

Web Developers Academy is not just a website development academy or web development institute but it’s a proper SEO marketing company itself. We provide the best quality SEO services for businesses. Every project that comes to us, we pay special attention to that. First, we understand the business and its type and then we make a complete strategy according to that website and that business and after that, we start the SEO campaign for that website.

Tailor Strategies For Every Business

We tailor the SEO strategies for every single business because every business has a different type and we make an SEO strategy according to that business needs. We know that every business has its challenges and opportunities, whether it’s e-commerce, healthcare, education, or any other sector our team makes sure that we make a perfect SEO plan for that business or website.

White hat SEO services

At Web Developers Academy we perform white hat SEO techniques according to Google guidelines because we know that black hat techniques may provide you temporary success but in the long term, it will hurt your website`s ranking. We also suggest our clients that don’t hurry to rank your website and keep in mind that slow and steady wins the race.

Our Process Of Doing SEO Campaign

We provide top-notch SEO services and we do many practices at the websites which is why our websites rank at the top of the Google search engine. Some of them are:

Competitors Analysis

We do complete competitor analysis of that niche in which our website falls because if we don’t know about our competitors, their strengths and weaknesses, how can we beat them in a race? and pass them and be on the top.

Keyword Research

We do complete keyword research and find relevant keywords for that website and then we create well-optimized content for that website. Content is king today`s date and Google also confirmed that a website with proper content including relevant keywords will rank much faster than a website that does not have it.

On-page SEO

After keyword research, we do complete on-page SEO for that website including meta titles, meta descriptions, URL optimization, internal and external linking, image alt tags, heading tags, etc

Technical SEO

Then we do proper Technical SEO in which we fix all the technical aspects of a website including sitemaps, robot.txt, optimization of js and CSS, SSL certificate, canonical tags, redirections, schema markups, open graph, and Twitter card, e.t.c

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is a crucial aspect of any website`s ranking and after doing on-page and technical SEO we do that for our client`s website. We do white hat link building and high-quality backlinks for our client`s website. We make different kinds of backlinks including image submission, PDF/PPT submission, guest posting, social bookmarking, article submission e.t.c

Local SEO

Local SEO is also a very important online business tool and every business needs this. We do proper local SEO for our client`s website in which we submit the website to Google My Business and other local and international business directories.

Best Return On Investments

Buying SEO services from Web Developers Academy will be the best returns for your investments because your business will start growing by coming online clients to and you will get new business heights that you have never met before.

We bet you don’t want your keywords on the 2nd page. Our SEO services bring your website to the 1st page to let you gain maximum traffic, leads, and conversions with the best SEO services all across Pakistan.

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